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About Schoolhouse Produce & Provisions
Redmond, Oregon

about schoolhouse produce and provisions redmond, oregon

Schoolhouse Produce & Provisions is proud to be a local woman-owned business in Redmond, Oregon. I am a mama at heart, and my passion for the last several decades has been to nourish the hearts and minds of my family through food, experiences and storytelling. Schoolhouse Produce & Provisions is merely an extension of this family-and-food-centered philosophy.


Before settling down in Central Oregon, my family lived and traveled and ate all around the world. Through those travels, we have come to love the stories that give meaning to a dish, whether it’s the inspiration behind the ingredients and methods, or a detailed explanation of how a dish is reflective of history and culture.


We encourage this same kind of food storytelling at Schoolhouse Produce & Provisions. Our team loves getting to know how our customers interact with their food and what motivates them in the kitchen.  We also love discovering unique produce items and recipes, and then sharing those delicious discoveries with our customers. And we are even more delighted when our customers share their cherished recipes or creations with us!


Stop by, let’s chat and make each other hungry!

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